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WrappedBusBuses are one of the leading sources of transportation around the world. Whether you use the bus daily to commute to work or school, or if you only utilize buses during recreational travel, you know how convenient, affordable, and safe buses are generally. Despite them many safety features that buses boast, accident can and do happen. If you have been injured on a bus, you may be entitled to compensation for injuries you received as a result.

Commercial Buses

Commercial buses are private, chartered buses that are frequently used for tours, shuttle services, and long-distance travel. Though many commercial buses have seat belts, they are often not worn by passengers, or worn improperly. Though there are emergency exits, safety videos, and emergency window openings, these measures are often too late when a vehicle the size of a bus gets into an accident. Buses, like trucks, due to their sheer size have slow stopping speeds, delayed reactions, and wide turns that can be catastrophic to passengers and others on the road if they are not careful. According to a Boston Globe special report, nearly 200 people killed in bus crashes over the last four years. In comparison, this is far more than commercial airline casualties and far fewer than regular passenger vehicles.

School and City Buses

School and city bus accidents are on the rise. With driver distractions become all-too-common, there is cause for concern when it comes to our safety to and from school or work. SEPTA, the local transit system in Philadelphia, boasts a strong safety record, although no system is without flaws. Serving the greater Philadelphia area by subway, trolley, bus, and rail, SEPTA employs transit police for physical safety measures and has consistently high safety ratings in comparison to other systems throughout the country. However, a recent report suggests that the operators of our vehicles in the public system may be overworked, leading to a greater possibility for accidents and mishaps. Even when drivers are on point, other vehicles may cause bus drivers to swerve, a dangerous event for a large bus carrying many passengers.

Bus Liability

Bus accident litigation can be difficult, particularly in the event of a city or government-chartered bus accident. Many of such drivers will be entitled to governmental immunity and will not be found liable for the accident. Consequently, private bus accidents may hold several layers of responsibility including but not limited to the bus driver, the charter company, dispatch services, third party ticketing, and other involved third parties. Though there are more layers of responsibility in a private bus accident, city bus accidents can result in successful litigation, with experienced and practiced attorneys.

Bus Accident Litigation Attorneys

If you or anyone you know has been injured or killed in a bus accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Our Philadelphia bus accident lawyers at Solnick and Levin LLC have significant experience in bus accident litigation and know how to successfully navigate a claim that will ensure you the compensation you are entitled to by law. We will work to ensure every possible angle is explored and all possible remedies for your losses are sought. Do not hesitate to contact us today.

Photo Credit: SEPTA


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