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Construction Site Accidents

It’s not for nothing that the construction sector is considered one of the most dangerous workplaces for American workers.  One out of every of every 3 workplace fatalities in America occurs in this industry.

In 2006, there were approximately 10,000 construction-related injuries that were reported to the Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers Compensation.  That same year, 21 construction workers lost their lives in accidents that occurred on construction worksites in the state.

There are any number of hazards that face a construction worker on the site.

Scaffolding Accidents

Poorly designed or constructed scaffolding, lack of fall protection gear, and lack of guardrails – these are some of the major causes of scaffolding-related accidents every year.  Falls are the number one scaffolding-related accident in the United States, but falls are not the only ways that a construction worker may be injured.  For instance, workers who are standing on the scaffolding may be injured by tools that fall from above them.

Industrial Vehicle Accidents

There are a number of industrial vehicles or equipment that can be found in construction zones, from forklifts and cranes to tractors.  These are heavy, industrial vehicles that weigh in the tons.  They are all difficult to maneuver and navigate, and operators may not always find it easy to locate and identify a pedestrian worker, who is walking around the vehicle.  Training plays a major role in eliminating the risks of accidents involving industrial vehicles and pedestrian workers.

Fall Accidents

Falls are a major cause of injuries on construction sites every year.  Falls can occur from scaffolding and from ladders.  Falls can also occur when a construction worker trips over tools and debris that have been left lying around.  Construction sites by their very nature are full of clutter and construction-related materials that are left lying around.

Defective Tools

A construction worker may be required to handle a number of handheld tools, like nail guns and saws.  Nail guns in particular have been linked to dozens of injuries over the past few years.  Workers must be trained to use these tools properly.  Tools must be properly maintained in order to reduce the risk of injury.

Electrocution Accidents

The risk of electrocution emerges when a worker is working in very close proximity to underground power lines.  De-energisation of power lines and maximizing the distance between the worker and the power lines can help minimize those risks.

Crush Accidents

Crush accidents happen because of industrial vehicle malfunctioning, digging and trench accidents. Crush accidents are devastating often resulting in lost limbs, serious injuries and even death.

Wrongful Death: Killed on the Job

Construction workers are faced with one of the highest mortality rates of any industry. The face life threatening injuries from falls, electroctuion and defective tools. However, sometimes a worker isn’t so lucky. Sometimes, workers are killed on the job.

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