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Slip & Fall – Premises Liability

The state of Pennsylvania allows persons who have been injured on another person’s property to claim compensation for their injuries.  Inadequate security, unsafe construction and design can be some of the key factors that are mentioned in premises liability claims.

A person who is on another person’s property has a right to expect reasonable standards of care.  Visitors to another’s premises can include shoppers, customers, guests, and visitors.  When these persons are on the property, they expect minimal protection from injuries.

There are several ways that a person endangered on another’s property.

  • A person may slip and fall on broken stairs, or on objects left lying on the ground.
  • There may be electrical injuries from loose cords, or from a defective hotel bathroom hairdryer.
  • A person may be a victim of a dog attack on his neighbor’s property, or may suffer injuries in his apartment elevator.
  • A person may slip and fall on a defective sidewalk, or fall in a hole in the road.
  • A shopper trying to reach an object from a shelf may have objects topple on top of him, causing serious injuries.
  • A person may be at risk of burn injuries as a result of a fire on someone else’s property.
  • A child may drown or suffer a near-drowning incident in a public swimming pool.
  • A person may be assaulted or raped on someone’s property.

In all of these cases, victims have the right to bring a premises liability claim against the owner of the property.

Some common hazards on a property that could expose owners to the risk of a premises liability claim include:

  • Wet floors
  • Cluttered or slippery floors
  • Failure to secure dogs on the property
  • Broken stairs
  • Lack of illumination, especially in staircases and stairwells
  • Failure to mark holes on the ground, and other fall hazards
  • Failure to provide adequate security on the premises

It’s not just the owner of the property who may be named in a claim.  The management or supervisor of the property and the operators of the property at the time of the accident can also be named in a claim.

The Pennsylvania premises liability lawyers at Solnick and Levin represent persons who have been injured in slip and fall accidents, dog bites, swimming pool accidents and other accidents on defective or unsafe premises across Pennsylvania.