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Workers Compensation

Any injury can be scary, but one that occurs on the job—and interferes with your ability to do your job—can be truly frightening. Even a minor accident can cause serious injuries that wreak physical, emotional, and financial stress.

Workplace accidents are not rare, and in Pennsylvania all employers are required to carry workers compensation insurance for regular, non-contract employees. If you have a workers comp issue, it is imperative to consult a workers comp attorney in Pennsylvania as soon as possible.

Common workplace accidents and injuries include—

  • Injuries from conveyors and manufacturing product defects
  • Safety or OSHA violations
  • Chemical burns
  • Repetitive injuries (i.e. carpal tunnel syndrome)

What You Need to Know

Pennsylvania law mandates companies to provide workers compensation coverage for employees injured on the job. If you are involved in a workplace accident that leaves you injured or ill, you have 120 days to notify your manager or supervisor. Your employer may have a list of physicians posted; you may be required to see one of these doctors for the first 90 days following your injury or illness. If you choose to see your own doctor instead of a healthcare provider on the approved list, your employer may not be responsible for any medical expenses incurred during the first 90 days of your injury or illness. You can see your own physician immediately.

In Pennsylvania, if a doctor places you on medical leave from work for more than seven days, you can file a “loss of wages” claim for workers comp benefits. You have three years from the date of your injury to file a PA workers compensation claim.  An experienced Pennsylvania workers comp attorney can help ensure your claim is processed appropriately and that you are receiving the benefits you deserve.

For more information see our Workers Compensation Frequently Asked Questions page

Put a Pennsylvania workers comp lawyer on your side

Time is of the essence in all legal matters. Hiring a skilled car accident or workers comp lawyer in Pennsylvania as early as possible increases their ability to protect your rights and maximize the value of your case. The experienced team at Solnick & Levin LLC can help. Contact us today for a free initial consultation. We look forward to discussing your case.